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Antipolo NO to Plastic

Beginning 2012, [ Bawal na ang plastic sa Antipolo ], Antipolo bans the use of plastic and styrofoam for merchants selling dry goods. This is per City Ordinance No. 2009-370. Antipolo City encourages the use of reusable environment-friendly bags instead. Time to bring back our lola’s old time bayong and basket for shopping. Big establishments like SM Masinag, and Shopwise Antipolo have been supporting the no plastic ordinance.

A fine of P500 pesos will be charged for first offense.

Muntinlupa and Pasig are two cities that also discourage the use of plastics.

Time To Get a Life Insurance

Is it time to get a life insurance? Is it worth it? How much do you need? Or how much does your family need is the real question.   According to my adviser, the younger you can afford an insurance policy, the better.  Because you’ll have more time to pay for it, and you’ll  have more chance to grow your money, with some of their programs.  And that it also depends on your priorities. At present, I’m looking at a life insurance , and an educational plan.   I’m leaning towards Insular Life, since it’s proudly Filipino and for Filipino! :) Particularly I’m looking at the I-SURE plan.  Will it be worth it?  Nothing is certain, but having a Peace of mind is a treasure.

While I think of all of these insurances, I have faith that God is our greatest insurance.  He will always protect us and our loved ones.  And aid us in times of need.  God be with us.


Sino Ako ( Hiram Sa Diyos )

Hiram sa Diyos ang aking buhay
Ikaw at akoy tanging handog lamang
Di ko ninais na ako’y isilang
Ngunit salamat dahil may buhay

Ligaya ko na akoy isilang pagkat tao ay mayroong dangal
Sino ang may pag ibig?
Sinong nagmamahal?
Kung di ang tao
Diyos ang pinagmulan
Kung di ako umibig
kung di ko man bigyang halaga
Ang buhay kong handog
Ang buhay kong hiram sa DIYOS

Kung di ako nagmamahal
Sino ako?


Another song i love hearing from the elders of Norzagaray, Bulacan

Pag-aalay Ng Puso ( Minsan Lamang )

Em Am Em B7 Em
Minsan lamang ako daraan sa daigdig na ito

Am Em B7 Em
Kaya anuman ang mabuting maaring gawin ko ngayon

A7 Em Am Em
O anumang kabutihan ang maari kong ipadama

Am Em B7 Em-D7
Itulot ninyong magawa ko ngayon ang mga bagay na ito.


G D7 G
Nawa’y huwag ko itong ipagpaliban o ipagwalang bahala

E7 Am G D7 G
Sapagkat di na ako muling daraan sa ganitong mga landas.


I used to hear this song from the elders of Norzagaray, Bulacan.  And i really love hearing it from them.

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Honda City 2012

This is the new Honda City 2012.  Now available in Sparkling Brown. The major facelift would be the front bumper and chrome grill and the tail light and diffuser.  It also has the audio control in the steering wheel, and Fresh blue instrument cluster with
Eco Indicator lamp (for 1.5 variants).  For more info on the new Honda City, visit   How i wish to have this car.  And i want it this new year 2012!

New Year New Self

Here are some things you should work on for the new year and the years to come:

  • Grow your relationship with God
  • Eat Right Live Right Improve Your Health
  • Make More Time with Family and Friends
  • Get Organized
  • Work Smart
  • Manage Your Finances
  • Volunteer Help others
  • Spend Time with Yourself
  • Be Cheerful Strive to be Happy



Faultless? Me? No!  Nobody is(?).  That’s a door lock brand I just bought, model TL0R60900(TR800). It comes with a 5 year Finish + 25 year Mechanical warranty, whatever that means.   After a bad experience with my old lock — It got stuck up, and wouldn’t open, and I had to break it – literally! after about an hour.  So I decided to change all the door locks, with Faultless, to prevent getting locked up, especially my kid.   I hope the new locks will not disappoint me!  Otherwise, I’ll be at fault not Faultless!

Install Wordpress on 000webhost doesn't work

I’ve had it!  I tried installing WordPress on 000webhost and all i get is .  So I’ve uploaded WordPress and all i’ts content via File Manager; I’ve created a MySQL database and user;  I’ve configured wp-config.php;  But when I run the install script from my browser  i.e. I still got the same error.

Long story short, I was uploading my files into the wrong root directory.  When you hear root directory, that means your PUBLIC_HTML folder.  So if you want to put your blog in the root directory of your website, you should upload WordPress content into the PUBLIC_HTML.  And if you want to put it on a subdirectory, you should create a folder (say blog) under  PUBLIC_HTML. Then upload wordpress content into PUBLIC_HTML/blog


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