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Time To Get a Life Insurance

Is it time to get a life insurance? Is it worth it? How much do you need? Or how much does your family need is the real question.   According to my adviser, the younger you can afford an insurance policy, the better.  Because you’ll have more time to pay for it, and you’ll  have more chance to grow your money, with some of their programs.  And that it also depends on your priorities. At present, I’m looking at a life insurance , and an educational plan.   I’m leaning towards Insular Life, since it’s proudly Filipino and for Filipino! :) Particularly I’m looking at the I-SURE plan.  Will it be worth it?  Nothing is certain, but having a Peace of mind is a treasure.

While I think of all of these insurances, I have faith that God is our greatest insurance.  He will always protect us and our loved ones.  And aid us in times of need.  God be with us.


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